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Mr. Christophe Combelles is responsible of the Internet Services and fully collaborates with our Firm. He is a technology consulting expert and a programmer. You can visit his website here.
This branch provides:
Website creation, for simple advertisement up to e-commerce business.
Custom hardware/software setups, using Linux or Windows Operating systems.
• Collaboration with some of the best companies around for Domain names registration, web-hosting, promotion and advertisement, always by contacting only our Firm.
Zdarmanet Designs started as a creative computers/networks/web team in France, back in 1997. It is now run under the Gorfou logo, a resistered Company in France.
Today, the team provides full services for computers.

Concerning the Webpages, we respect all the web standards and provide all the latest features:
• Full UTF-8 (unicode) support for multilanguage websites
• Full Mozilla Web browser compatibility, so linux and macintosh users won't feel forgotten
• Advanced structure: Light, optimised, fully hand-written HTML code
• Iframes stucture, CSS support, png photos with transparency etc. so that the website will look cool
• Advanced photo editing in all formats, using GIMP or Adobe Photoshop.
Professional Photographical equipment and development studio if you want us to take pictures of your business
• Professional digital and analog scanning equipment for most formats, including slides and 36x24 film negatives
• Advanced video editing in Xvid and Divx formats, using VirtualDub, NanDub or Adobe Premiere, for your internet video needs
• Advanced sound editing and mixing, using Cool Edit Pro, for your internet sound needs
• Professional Domain Name research and pre-selection, for easier promotion of your website
• High-quality web hosting supporting all the latest standards at no extra cost
• Unlimited amount of e-mails accounts, including unlimited pop3 access local setups, forwarders etc. at no extra cost
• Website referencing, promoting and advertisement so that more clients will find you easier
• Webcounters and statistics, so that you know who's visited you, at no extra cost
• English, French, Greek translations at no extra cost, other european languages available
• Custom scripts, Macromedia Flash content, databases, SPIP available at request
• Low montly running costs (web hosting, maintenance)
• Many other custom features upon request

Please contact us directly or the Gorfou company for more details.